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LSI stand out in a crowded market offering our customers the best possible solution for their energy requirements and ongoing management of their contracts in a dynamic industry.

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EnergyCAN for Organisations

Energy is one of the most expensive costs faced by all organisations and businesses.

EnergyCAN for Organisations has been launched by Community Action Northumberland in conjunction with LSI Energy to benefit businesses and organisations.

LSI Energy is a national broker dealing with a number of high street names including charities. We have over 20 years experience in energy and our award winning industry trained staff work to increase the buying power and lower the price you pay.

Just click here to contact LSI Energy to request a free no obligation quotation.

When contacting LSI we will request latest copies of your energy bills as we will need these to undertake your no obligation quote.

What LSI will do once you have requested a quotation?

Once LSI has been provided with everything requested we will analyse your usage then send you a personalised cost analysis and advise you on the best way forward.

What next?

If you accept, you will be given a dedicated Account Manager who deals with any change of supplier that is necessary, in accepting the quote and booking the contract for you. Your Account Manager deals with any billing queries that you may have during the contract and will notify you in good time before the contract end date so that new quotes can be obtained.

What happens if my contract is not due for renewal?

Even if you still have time left to run on your contract, contact LSI Energy NOW! LSI's dedicated team of Account Managers track the market and contact their customers at the best time to compare the market for new prices. Don’t spend your time worrying about when to contact the energy suppliers – let LSI take care of this for you.

The more contracts that are taken out under EnergyCAN the greater the purchasing power, which means lower prices for all!

If you are interested in saving money on your domestic energy bills please use the links below to go directly to our domestic energy switching service.

Dual Fuel Switch     Electricity Switch     Gas Switch

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