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LSI proposed a solution that would give them more control and information regarding their usage.

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They approached LSI upon the recommendation of one of their other providers who were already using us. They were experiencing a number of issues with their current gas supplier and were not happy with the level of service that they were receiving from their previous broker.

LSI proposed a solution that would give them more control and information regarding their usage and moved them onto a product that was more suited to their needs. LSI has also taken over the management of the electricity supplies.



  • Single point of contact at LSI who is responsible for managing their account. All contracts to end on the same date
  • Solution offered that is more suitable for the business’ attitude to risk and also provides budget certainty
  • LSI deal with any queries regarding the accounts, which saves the business from having to deal with suppliers
  • Six-monthly meetings with LSI and the suppliers (if required) allowing for information to be passed on regularly and discussing any outstanding issues
  • Reporting available to the client, which is critical to them as it is the main outlay for their business
  • A broker that will manage their needs – a lot of contracts had been allowed to roll as the previous broker was not proactive


  • LSI have provided a fully account managed AMR solution as gas is the main expenditure for their business. This has given them the usage information that they need and also allowed them budget certainty for 3 years as their prices are fixed
  • The Customer was previously on a flexible deal that did not meet their needs
  • They were constantly receiving incorrect bills followed by credit notes, which caused additional administration and confusion regarding the amount owing
  • After meeting with the client we established that they really needed more data regarding their consumption as they felt that some of their supplies were using more gas than they should be


  • Gas and Electricity moved to new suppliers, each contract having a common end date
  • A fully fixed gas contract at a very competitive rate allowing the Customer to budget for the next three years without any unexpected costs
  • An AMR solution to be installed for the Gas supplies providing a full reporting function to the Customer and eliminate inaccurate billing
  • More competitive Electricity pricing as prices are now being negotiated instead of rolling onto uncompetitive rates

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