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British business energy efficiency targets 'lack ambition', says survey

Feb. 2, 2018

Britain’s energy efficiency policies are making headline news once again, with warnings being made that current industry targets lack ambition and need strengthening.

This was the finding of a new survey which found that most green businesses in the UK believe government policy on renewable energy targets require greater ambition and solidification.

A poll, which surveyed members of the Environmental Industry Commission (EIC), highlighted widespread dissatisfaction about the government’s current policy focused on improving energy efficiency.

The survey’s participants are urging the government to introduce new tax incentives for businesses to encourage greater commitment to the implementation of more efficient energy measures. Members of the EIC are calling for a significant overhaul of energy efficiency policies and the reformation of building energy performance certificates.

In October 2017, the government announced its ‘Clean Growth Strategy’, which it cited as an ‘ambitious blueprint for Britain’s low carbon future.’ The strategy sets out the government’s proposals for decarbonising each sector of the British economy throughout the 2020s in order to improve energy productivity by 20% by 2030. The proposals are aimed at meeting both national and international targets to tackle climate change.

Despite the government insisting it is “determined” to assist businesses in improving energy productivity, almost 60% of the EIC respondents said they felt the current target was not sufficiently ambitious. 14% of the respondents said the goal was “not ambitious at all” or “not very ambitious.”

Tim Farrow, EIC executive director, likened business energy efficiency to the “Cinderella of energy policy”.

“The Clean Growth Strategy target for energy efficiency lacks ambition, existing policies should be toughened up and tax incentives, EPC and ESOS reform considered,” said Tim Farrow, adding:

“And without better enforcement none of this will be of any value. Plenty of EIC to be talking to government about it.”

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