Business Telecoms

With modern technology it’s easier than ever to take advantage of the very cheapest telecoms rates available through different providers.

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Business Telecoms

It's easy to save in excess of 35% on business telecoms contracts

With over two hundred different UK carriers all competing for your business, there are countless opportunities to save money. Modern technology means that it’s easy to change provider. All calls are still carried over the same core BT network; there’s no need for number changes or the installation of extra equipment, and there are no call option discount charges – and service reliability is almost universal across the industry.


LSI can offer highly competitive, fully supported broadband service packages to suit every type of business need. We are able to survey broadband capability and provide bespoke VoIP systems providing line rental/calls and broadband in one package. Contract terms are minimal, providing you with the flexibility to adapt to ever-changing requirements.

Landlines & Mobile Telecoms

With mobile technology changing on a daily basis, with numerous networks and offers it is hard to ensure that you are really receiving the cheapest business telecom prices for your business requirements. We work on an independent basis and compare all networks and plans.

We can offer all mobile options including:

  • Blackberry
  • Iphone
  • Android devices
  • Window devices
  • Mobile broadband
  • Hardware

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