Half Hourly Electricity

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How our service works?

Half Hourly Electricity

Every business that uses energy has it measured by a meter installed by a supplier. If your business consumes a large quantity of electricity it is very likely that you have a half-hourly meter installed. These meters record your electricity consumption every half hour to ensure accurate billing information. Unlike smaller conventional meters half-hourly meters submit readings to your supplier automatically and do not rely on engineers coming to the property to read the meter manually, again ensuring that your bills are calculated accurately.

How can you tell if you have a half-hourly meter installed?

The easiest way to determine if your meter is being automatically recorded every 30 minutes is to look at you energy bill. If your supply number starts with a 00 then you have a half-hourly meter installed. You are looking for a box similar to the example below:

S 00 456 789 12 3333 4444 567

If you have a half-hourly meter installed you will also be contracted to a MOP (Meter Operator) and a DC (Data Collector) who maintain your meter and process your readings respectively.

Should my business have a half-hourly meter?

If your businesses KVA peaks at 100 or more in any 30 minute period then you will need a half-hourly meter. Please note that it is widely believe that having a more substantial understanding of your consumption can drastically increase a businesses ability to become energy efficient and in turn control energy expenditure. Due to this if your business has a peak KVA of 70 you can also request a half-hourly meter form your supplier.

If you have any questions in regards to half-hourly meters or your interested in speaking to a member of the team about helping you cut your electricity expenditure please call us on 01727 877 020.

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"Following several months of consultation and market reviews Northern and Shell Network would like to say a big thank you to Malcolm Spooner and the LSI team for a substantial saving to our utility costs over the next 24 months."

Terry Austin, Group Purchasing & Accounts Payable Manager, Northern & Shell Media Company

"The service LSI offer is detalied, easy to understand and their cost analysis process was essential in helping us budget for the year ahead. Our Account Manager has been fantastic to work with and always responds to any issues we may both, both quickly and effectively.

"We are pleased that we chose to partner with LSI and would highly recommend their services to others."

Head of Operations, Charlton Athletic Football Club

"LSI has solved a number of long-standing queries and multiple billing issues that our prievious broker had been unable to conclude. LSI provide a high level of service and we are proud to say we now have a central procuremnt stratergy in which LSI has assisted.

"In short, LSI has exceeded our expectations and delivered an excellent service in what can be a very complicated market."

Customer Service Manager, Retirement Lease Housing Association

"LSI has saved us over £800,000 in our energy costs, which for us is the equivalent to one of the following: 16 fully kitted brand new front line Responder Ambulances, 650 Automatic Defibrillators, 2700 Wheel Charis, 4000 Walking Frames or 5400 Volunteer Uniforms.

"As a result of LSI's hard work, expertise and attention to customer needs we have no hesitation in suggesting that you might want to give their service a try. You have nothing to lose and like us lots to gain."

Commercial Manager, British Red Cross

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