Invoice Validation

As many as 35% of energy supplier invoices are incorrect but the errors go unnoticed or unchallenged.

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Invoice Validation

Invoice Validation

Bill Validation

Up to 20% of utility supplier bills are understood to be incorrect, so it makes sense to trust expert validators to ensure you only pay for what you use. We use in-house industry and utility specific software to perform over 100 different checks on each bill we process.

We recalculate your bills from first principles, using the agreed contract or tariff information, and compare them to the billed charges. Where your bills are wrong, we query these and recover your refunds. We continuously monitor to ensure that bills are corrected and credits are applied.

Our software applies over 100 validation checks to all utility invoices, including water and delivered fuels . We analyse all types of contracts, including flexible and energy only arrangements. Furthermore, our systems can process paper bills and electronic files together, in a variety of formats.

Data Management

We provide comprehensive utility data management using thorough set-up procedures to create a database of portfolio information to fully reflect your estate. Some of the data we collect and maintain includes:

  • Property details, including full postal address, floor areas, occupancy and hours of operation
  • Meter details, including MPANs/MPRs/MSNs, supply capacities, annual quantities, and CCL/VAT statuses
  • Supply contract details, including structures, unit rates, fixed charges, and pass-through charges
  • Utility account numbers, cost codes, departmental apportionments, and reporting groups
  • In addition, we obtain historical invoice and consumption data to ensure that, even at the outset of the service, information exists to enable better energy management.

We can support complex property, meter and billing arrangements. Where there are changes to an estate over time, including meter replacements and alterations, changes of supplier, and portfolio updates, these are recorded and a full history of activity is maintained.

To ensure that an accurate picture of your utility data is recorded at all times, we make regular quality checks across the database. These identify potential missing or erroneous data, including accounts not billed to date, and help ensure that the data we store is of the highest quality.


Handling over 100,000 bills each month. Our data collection team remove the hassle of collecting utility bills and usage data with detailed procedures in place to handle both paper and electronic bills.

We arrange for the redirection of all utility bills to ensure your data is captured and we make sure you meet your obligation to pay suppliers on time. We also arrange for the collection of usage data from suppliers, data collectors, third parties and client site meters to create a complete database. We can also accommodate other sources of data such as alternative fuels, manual meter reads and environmental metrics.


We can scan all paper based bills, including paper copies of electronic bills where available. Scanned images are attached directly to our database and make available for viewing as PDF copies via our online portal. Images can be intuitively accessed in just a few clicks and prove invaluable to accounts payable and energy management departments.


We offer a full tenant billing service to help landlords, property agents and complex estates manage the recharging of electricity, gas and water costs.

Our solution will help you apportion costs to tenants, internal departments, or business cost centres. We create bills using supplier invoices, manual reads, or AMR/HH data. In addition, data from sub meters can be utilised where installed. Our solution includes:

  • Set-up tenanted space in each of the properties concerned
  • Set-up the tenants supply contracts with rates agreed by the client
  • Set-up metering or assessed method of billing the tenant
  • Generate tenant bills or proforma bills to allow your accounts department to generate tenant’s bills
  • Review tenant charges in accordance with their lease/rental agree

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