Monitoring and Reporting

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Monitoring and Reporting

Monitoring and Reporting

‘You can’t manage what you don’t measure’

AMR / Smart metering

By having AMR installed energy usage can then be seen on a half-hourly basis rather than on a monthly or quarterly basis and it ensures that you never have an estimated bill or need to spend you precious time in manually reading your meters.

The half-hour data enables you to see how much energy you are using at different times of the day and week (your energy profile) and accurately compare how much energy you are using against the previous week, month or year. Having visibility of your energy profile can highlight where heating and equipment is left running when you are not using the building and you can take targeted action accordingly.

By undertaking an AMR programme with LSI you will automatically benefit from being provided with clear monthly consumption reports which have been designed specifically with your needs in mind. You can also select from additional energy reporting service packages to match the needs of your organisation.

LSI Energy’s base reporting package

Once AMR’s are in place you will be sent a report every month that details:

  • Total monthly energy cost
  • Total monthly carbon emissions
  • Graph showing daily consumption compared to the previous month
  • Table showing monthly totals for current year compared to monthly totals from previous year
  • Indicator as to whether you are improving on your energy performance
  • Consumption of your actual energy consumption against industry benchmarks
  • Small graphs showing daily consumption profile for each day of the month
  • Total spend/consumption out of occupied hours
  • A summary report showing the best and worst buildings on your estate (for business clients with over 10 buildings)

LSI recoginise that many organisations would wish to benefit from greater levels of access to their energy data which we can provide in a range of different service packages.

Energy Management Package 1 – Energy Data Management

You will receive login details to all your data so you can access your latest daily data whenever you wish to. This can be a benefit where you are undertaking energy reduction works and wish to see the immediate changes this has made or where you have stakeholders which benefit from knowing more frequent information on energy usage.

Energy Management Package 2 – Energy Awareness

In addition to receiving login access for data many organisations recognise the benefits of sharing energy usage information with the users of their buildings to underpin energy ‘behaviour change’ programmes which are the most frequent used method to reduce energy consumption. To enable this our second level package also includes:

  • Provision of an energy dashboard feed for reception screens/employee screen savers
  • The production of a monthly league table for energy which is distributed to all sites

Energy Management Package 3 – Energy Reduction Action

For clients wishing to undertake a proactive and focused approach to reducing their energy consumption with practical actions this package has been developed to make sure that organisations are able to focus on the most valuable actions they can take to reduce demand. In addition to all the benefits of service packages 1&2 you will also benefit from:

  • Exceptional consumption reports issued to highlight any peaks in consumption
  • Monthly estate profiles reviewed and advice given by an experienced energy manager by means of a site specific commentary on the monthly reports
  • 5% of sites visited each year and provided with on-site energy audit and report outlining the practical actions they can take to reduce energy consumption

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